Tuesday, 4 December 2012


These blue skies are biased to me now...
for I have recited to them ,
my poetries,
my endless agonies,
my desolate times,
His memories...
they pour when i cry,
they listen to my subdued silences...
and they have written my memoirs,
while I have kissed  the whistle of lonely winds..
while I have made love with the midnight waves..
while I have slept off at the bay
and dreamt buried in the white sands,
dreams of a thousands constellations growing in my womb...

I have been a partner in ballet to the love's parody...
I have despised it ,
vandalized it..
and then mourned over for a zillion times...
For love's symphony is soothing only when heard
alas ! its wild when sung...

The ineffables of an unleashed soul are risky to case..
They are best left alone,
to themselves,
to the skies

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