Thursday, 27 December 2012


I wait for you in the running wind
Moving clouds and the calling oceans
Sensual swaying of the morning mist
Sounds of music in virtual vibrations----By Virji

I wait for you ... 
also with the evening hues...
the rustling leaves, 
the tiny crickets and the fire files,
with every passing chirm...
as the night falls, 
deepening the sweet salt smell of the sea, 
the passion of her waves...
their rhythmic meetings on the shore,..
with my drooping eyes i search in her...
the meaning of my longing...
the echoes of my erratic moods...
the ineffables of love


I stay quiet before the screams of mundane logic
the corroding sheets of cognizance underneath me,
too lazy to beat the slumber.

I am no clean.
   a thief
   a liar
   a conspirator
I wander..ragged of peace
envying the simplicity of goodness.

I wish I could float..
and then glide..
and then just disappear.
Into the all knowing cloudless night sky
which now basks in the afterglow of my sound sleep.