Thursday, 19 March 2015

In your quests

In your quests of life,
In your many questions of right and wrong,
In your search for their answers 
In your ambiguities,
Its me who will forever be a fool !
At times made by you,
At times by myself. 

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Threads of Time

In between my rhapsodies and your glances,
Lies silence.
Unknown, unseen,
untouched silence.
Subtle silence
Dense silence
Undisturbed unperturbed silence.

There are sighs which fly away with a gentle whiff

and breaths which are ,but aren't.

And I am. I am, I will be.

In one of those thin lines in your sketches,
Nudging you to look at an accidental stroke of your brush
brilliantly glistening under the early morning sun rays.
I will be.

In one of those waves which would splash against you,

I will be.
In the sand that would slip underneath your feet,
I will be.

In stories untold, in songs unsung,

I will be.
In silent tears,
In inaudible whispers,
I will be.

If you go, 

when you go,
when I go,
A lot of things would disintegrate with the finality of that moment.
Close your eyes then, 

The threads of time which would write my story,

I will be in them
The threads of time which would write your story,
I will be in them.

It's Been A Long Long Time !!!

It has been quite sometime that I have been an utter failure to keep this blog updates. When I think about it, I often fail to comprehend the reason behind my behavior. And then I conclude either of these two--
                   1 . I am not technology friendly
                   2. I am LAZY

Thankfully I am determined in a weird way to be regular up here.
Hmmmm lets see how that rendezvous goes ...  

Friday, 4 January 2013

Fringes of Infinity

You wait for me..
On the fringes of infinity..
Staring agape..
Yes its me, its you...

I see a despicable distance to be crossed

the scraped surface of earth,
feels comfortable though.
Living at once, 
the dream sacrificed for a thousand times...

And as I reach you,

your touch sings a lullaby..
The momentary closure of eyes
consoling my sleepless nights..

Your eyes tell a story,

of longing
of helplessness..
of desolation
of destitution..

And a lump rises somewhere inside,

oblivious to those fringes of infinity..
we sob !!!

Thursday, 27 December 2012


I wait for you in the running wind
Moving clouds and the calling oceans
Sensual swaying of the morning mist
Sounds of music in virtual vibrations----By Virji

I wait for you ... 
also with the evening hues...
the rustling leaves, 
the tiny crickets and the fire files,
with every passing chirm...
as the night falls, 
deepening the sweet salt smell of the sea, 
the passion of her waves...
their rhythmic meetings on the shore,..
with my drooping eyes i search in her...
the meaning of my longing...
the echoes of my erratic moods...
the ineffables of love


I stay quiet before the screams of mundane logic
the corroding sheets of cognizance underneath me,
too lazy to beat the slumber.

I am no clean.
   a thief
   a liar
   a conspirator
I wander..ragged of peace
envying the simplicity of goodness.

I wish I could float..
and then glide..
and then just disappear.
Into the all knowing cloudless night sky
which now basks in the afterglow of my sound sleep.

Monday, 17 December 2012


Simple relations are good sometimes..many times ! Some buffer to the inevitable fuck i guess. I always tend to fall for the complicated ones though. It has served me good , fair even, but tires me these days. I wonder how would it be with a stable life. A fixed thing to look forward to while going back home. Some order in life. Falling a little off this randomness of everyday. But then, the moment I see some routine into things, I have seen myself running away from things . Probably I am commitment phobic ! Its not the mundane revival of things that comes with it that scares me, perhaps its the sincerity. The sweetness which goes into being perfectly happy with that routine and the utter innocence of revolving your world around that it. 

I feel trapped with relationships, my system starts seeing it as a challenge to the protection i get in my own shell. Probably, its the failure which scares me. Both, of letting yourself fall for somebody and gathering yourself up again over the failure.And maybe stupidity mocks at my face at times. But somehow, I feel safe here. Alone at times. Lonely .But safe. Because this way, I don't belong to anybody. Maybe the complexities I put into my relationships make me feel protected .

Ironically, I wait for love to happen. It should happen someday. Not with a bang ,I will run back into my hollow at that very instance. Perhaps it will happen with hushed words , during the quiet hours of dawn, or the empty weekends or maybe in the winter of  December or with the subtle warmth of early March.

Or while the evening hues spread themselves over me , on someday , of some month , of some year...