Thursday, 19 March 2015

In your quests

In your quests of life,
In your many questions of right and wrong,
In your search for their answers 
In your ambiguities,
Its me who will forever be a fool !
At times made by you,
At times by myself. 

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Threads of Time

In between my rhapsodies and your glances,
Lies silence.
Unknown, unseen,
untouched silence.
Subtle silence
Dense silence
Undisturbed unperturbed silence.

There are sighs which fly away with a gentle whiff

and breaths which are ,but aren't.

And I am. I am, I will be.

In one of those thin lines in your sketches,
Nudging you to look at an accidental stroke of your brush
brilliantly glistening under the early morning sun rays.
I will be.

In one of those waves which would splash against you,

I will be.
In the sand that would slip underneath your feet,
I will be.

In stories untold, in songs unsung,

I will be.
In silent tears,
In inaudible whispers,
I will be.

If you go, 

when you go,
when I go,
A lot of things would disintegrate with the finality of that moment.
Close your eyes then, 

The threads of time which would write my story,

I will be in them
The threads of time which would write your story,
I will be in them.

It's Been A Long Long Time !!!

It has been quite sometime that I have been an utter failure to keep this blog updates. When I think about it, I often fail to comprehend the reason behind my behavior. And then I conclude either of these two--
                   1 . I am not technology friendly
                   2. I am LAZY

Thankfully I am determined in a weird way to be regular up here.
Hmmmm lets see how that rendezvous goes ...