Friday, 30 November 2012

Bombay Bombay !!

                Its been a while that I have been living here now. And I promise I have never seen a city so electric. Everybody is a star here and yea everybody has an urge to be successful !! Yesterday I met a man , he sold us two packets of lays and charged extra rs 10 just because we bought it at marine drive, on asking he says ,
                "Toh kya hua saab, aap toh paisa kamate ho na itna, mereko bhi aamir banneka hai. "
It doesn't surprise me though because Bombay does gives you wings, Wings to fly to the gateway of dreams & the vigor to chase them.
               Everyday I see the city reborn for a several times, as the day seeps into the beautiful Arabian sea.
''Arabian sea '' I somehow find the name magical.Like I could find a hidden treasure or mermaids or pearls on its shore... I find her occupied in the mornings, busy in the afternoons, a mixture of cheer and tire in the evenings and sexy at nights.
               When it comes to liking a place , I like to call people 'the sea people' and the 'mountain people' because it always ultimately comes down to which place do u want to go back to when you think of home.
For me it has always been the sea. I like the sand slipping underneath the feet when you stand at the shore,the salty smell, the damp air, the sunsets and sunrises, the conspiring sky and water at the horizon and Oh My! My! the sound of the waves at the shore..
               Bombay is beautiful(i somehow like the name bombay, more than mumbai) ! I would even call her extravagant ! Her art deco buildings , the wide streets , the trees which do not seem sparse before the hoard of vechicles, the sea link and the feeling you get when you get your head out of the car's window to see the suspended strings falling behind..the sky scrapers , and the markets !
              These days I see myself falling for her..hopelessly, madly !! I stay here or otherwise, she would always be the first city I fell in love with. She gives me a high keeps me soaring ..At times, even makes me feel beautiful ,stylish...  

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